Dedicated followers of the Rockin’ circuit will need no introduction to this band who have carved a name for themselves during their long and distinguished career with T.V and radio appearances, records and countless live gigs worldwide.

For those less familiar with the genre,
The Strollers' origins date back to 1976 and they have been at the forefront of live 50’s style Rock ‘n’ Roll continuously since 1981 when, with their original five piece line up fronted by Gina Wall, they signed with leading independent label Magnum Force Records and went on to record three albums, three singles and several contributions to compilation albums.

After Gina’s departure in 1997
The Strollers rocked on first as a three piece, then as a four piece in 2003, and now since 2009 with the all-time classic Rock 'n' Roll five piece boasting original founder members Paul James on guitar & vocals, Rollin' Lol Lewis on bass and Brian 'Noddy' Martin on drums plus recent additions, Crazy Krzysztof Strzelczyk on piano and Stormin' Norman McMullen on saxophones.

Previous highly respected members who have helped shape the band since 1997 have included Gina's brother Billy Sloane (drums), Jim Hale (guitar & harmonica) and Spike Lawless (guitar, harmonica & vocals).  

With four very different CDs now available (‘On your doorstep’ and ‘Where there’s life’ on the Foot Tapping Records label, 'Live & Five' and most recently 'Jiving Room Only') plus numerous highly acclaimed live performances alone and with Rock 'n' Roll legends, Charlie Gracie and Linda Gail Lewis, the band have earned their rightful place in the top ranks of European Rock ‘n’ Roll acts

These boys are black belts in Rock ‘n’ roll and during their years together have explored and studied every aspect of playing and presenting their chosen medium at a level few have reached. Their irresistible musical style transcends and bridges the usual boundaries of Rockabilly, R&B, Jive and Bop making them hard to categorise and impossible to ignore.

Strollers’ live performance is not just a gig but an event where this experience comes together to guarantee……

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